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People are closely connected to nature and all of us are depended from nature. Therefore, the company "Alpi Group" has been thinking of turning the natural stone into a modern heater to suit the time. This natural stone / radiator that makes us all feel closer to nature, of course the main purpose is to keep us warm in the cold seasons, with the ability to adjust the temperature as needed, and keep our environments warm for 3 other hours longer, even if we have decided to unplug it.
This heater / radiator besides of saving electricity up to 40%, aims to warm us healthy, without polluting the environment, without drying out the environment air. They release a maximum heat of 35 ° C that is enough to heat the interior.

Radiators produced by Alpi Group are certified with 4 ISO Standards such as:

  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 45001

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Alpi Group

The future of heating

All products of "Alpi Group" are made of natural materials and qualified as ECO products and contribute to the preservation of the environment by not air drying or polluting the environment.

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They have a temperature regulator (thermostat) which ensures the saving of electricity.
Wi-fi controllers are included as an accessory. They have 5 years warranty on stone and 6 months warranty on thermostat.
The radiators are mounted in two ways: horizontally and vertically.
To allow for easier movement of radiators, is offered the possibility of placing the legs from wrought iron.
Radiator weight starts from 35kg to 70kg and can vary depending on the design or type of radiator.
Installation and maintenance of radiators is very easy and several colors and tones are available, adapting to your interior.
They are moisture resistant and can be easily installed in places where moisture appears, such as in bathrooms, basements, warehouses or similar places.